Wonder Earth

Wonder Earth

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By:Zanni Louise, Tiffany Bollhorn & Sophy Louise Smith

If we saw ourselves as belonging to the Earth rather than standing apart from it, what would Earth look like

A wonder filled place

A place we want to protect now and forever

Welcome to Wonder Earth.
The Earth has so much to share if only we stop, listen and wonder.
Starting with the sun that gives us and all living things life, to the patterns, feelings, stories and relationships that we share with other natural things.
Let's explore what it means to belong to our Earth home.

Written by bestselling children's author, Zanni Louise, and environmental educator, Tiff Bollhorn, Wonder Earth celebrates both the poetry and science of our Earth home, inspiring awe for the place that sustains and protects us and that needs our protection.

The stunning illustrations by Sophy Louise Smith highlight the interconnectedness of human and nature, built and natural, and celebrate the colour, patterns, and visual rhythms of the natural world.