Wholefood Family Beetroot Kvass 500mL

Wholefood Family Beetroot Kvass 500mL

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Wholefood Family Beetroot Kvass is a wild fermented health tonic handcrafted in Newcastle, NSW.

Our Beetroot Kvass is made with Australian certified organic beetroot, filtered water, pure Australian inland salt and wild live cultures.

This gently carbonated beverage can be enjoyed daily either straight or mixed with sparkling water.

Beetroot Kvass harnesses the extensive nutritional arsenal of beetroot through the traditional process of lactic acid fermentation increasing the bio-availablity of these nutrients to your body.

Beetroot Kvass has been consumed extensively in Europe for centuries in folk medicine practices, as a tonic, as well as for sheer enjoyment. The phyto-nutrients and betalins in beetroot help maintain proper cellular function and it has been used alongside cancer treatments and prevention. It's chelating properties help to detoxify the body while supporting the liver and kidneys.

Beetroot Kvass is an excellent source of sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, Vitamins A, B, C, K and folate as well as antioxidants and probiotics.


We recommend starting with a 50ml shot up to twice daily for 7 days and then consume as desired.

Serve and store chilled, consume within 2 weeks of opening.

Beetroot Kvass is a living Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free, delicious tonic.


Kvass has been used as a tonic for pregnancy for hundreds of years. Thought to help with morning sickness and support the placenta as well as offer a bio- available source of folic acid and iron, readily used in pregnancy.

High intensity excercise

Pre work out shot - Beetroot has been linked to improvements in high intensity workouts due to speeding up oxygen intake and decreasing oxygen usage in muscles. Take 30 mins prior to workouts. 1, 2, 3


Tricky subject to touch on, I know, but there is mounting scientific papers as well as anecdotal evidence about the benefits of fermented foods, especially Kvass for cancer treatmeants and prevention. Beetroot Kvass and sourdough kvass are reported to have been used for years in Europe for cancer therapy.

Beetroot's ability to help chelate the body and promote proper cellular function as well as support the liver with detoxification are some of the reasons its so fantastic. This coupled with the anticarcinogenic properties of the amino acids and antioxidants found in fermented beetroot.1, 2, 3, 4