Monday appointments now available!

Monday appointments now available! 💫 For a limited time I will now be in clinic on Mondays. If this is the perfect day for you to unfold your health concerns and begin utilising practitioner quality nutraceuticals and the huge array of benefits offered to us from the plant realm, jump online and secure your spot!
Wondering if I’m the right naturopath for you? My approach is focused on a whole foods diet, kitchen medicine, re-establishing a connection to the natural rhythm of the world and an understanding of the powerful combination of plant medicine and the bodies own innate power to heal.
I hold a Bachelor of Health Science and believe the science behind nutrition and herbal medicine is as equally as fascinating and important as traditional, empirical knowledge.
I truly love holding space for my clients to be heard, often for the first time in their lives. The modern medical model typically allows only 5-10 minutes for a client to voice their concerns to a practitioner. Naturopathy however, delves into your whole health history, alongside your presenting complaints, to peel back the layers and renew your health, beginning with a 90 minute initial consult.
I enjoy seeing a wide variety of clients-to give you an idea, I have helped clients with the following concerns in the last 2 weeks:
Anxiety with panic attacks
Post Cholecystectomy
Hashimoto’s hypothyroid
See you soon 🧡