Blackwood Apothecary 


Located at 75b Regent Street New Lambton in a tenancy that has been home to health food stores for 40+ years, Blackwood Apothecary is a popular store for health conscious customers in the local community.

Sarah Hunter founded the store in 2017 while completing a Bachelor of Health Science and working part-time in health food retail, selling her Blackwood Botanicals range of herbal skincare products at local boutique stores and markets. 

In her role as a naturopath, Sarah is passionate about empowering the individual to achieve their wellness goals and combines traditional herbal wisdom and nutritional guidance supported by scientific knowledge to bring about individualised, holistic healing. 

Blackwood Apothecary specialises in plant based remedies, available in a variety of applications such as bespoke liquid herbal formulas (by appointment only),  high quality nutraceutical supplements from Australias top suppliers or in package free from our wide range of organic dried and powdered herbs available in bulk.

In alignment with our values, we support many local makers and/or small businesses and only stock products against animal testing. We value organic farming, sustainability, reconnecting with nature, community, conscious consumerism, social equality, natural health and herbal medicine. To that end, we offer a unique mix of organic dried herbs and teas, vegan, organic, natural health foods and products, vitamins and supplements alongside community minded, environmentally friendly household products, books, arts and crafts, aromatherapy, cosmetics and holistic health goods.

Unlike bigger stores or supermarkets, we hold space to really listen to our customers and ensure time is allowed to consult with our caring, knowledgable staff to achieve the best health outcome.

In the short time it has been operating Blackwood Apothecary has become the best local destination for all natural health needs.

Follow the booking link to lock in a holistic Naturopathic consult with Sarah, custom liquid herbal formulas and practitioner only dispensing of herbal and nutritional products.