Let’s explore VITAMIN D

Some of the roles it serves ▶️


Actually a fat soluble hormone with receptor sites in most cells and tissues in our body.


💀Controls Calcium absorption and is essential for blood clotting. Low Vitamin D means less Calcium (and phosphorus) is absorbed from food leading to leaching of bone stores.


💪🏻Necessary to reduce risk of osteoporosis, fractures, joint & bone pain & weakness and improves strength.


🍫Magnesium intake may help increase Vitamin D and often both are deficient. Magnesium is involved in the synthesis and metabolism of Vitamin D.


🦠Helps fight infection by supporting innate & adaptive immune system.


💅🏻Improves the condition of hair, skin and nails, reducing skin conditions, scalp flaking and dryness and promoting skin elasticity.


🧬Higher Vitamin D levels have been linked with longer Telomere length-a predictor of longevity.


♻️Reduces inflammation by down regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines.


👶🏼May increase fertility outcomes by supporting ovarian follicular development, altering AMH signalling, Progesterone and Follicle Signaling Hormone.


🌼Reduces insulin resistance, cholesterol and lowers Testosterone therefore may be supportive in conditions such as PCOS and metabolic syndrome.


🧠Low levels are associated with anxiety, depression, PMS and seasonal affective disorder. Receptor sites exist in the brain and utilize Vitamin D for cognition, memory and decision making.




Osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, mood disturbance, lowered oestrogen, muscle weakness and fatigue, bone issues, Ricketts, skin issues.



Small oily fish, mushrooms, nuts & seeds, liver & organ meats.

Best source: SUNSHINE!


❗️When I see you in clinic I will either assess your recent tests or send you for blood tests that include Vitamin D. Although the range suggests anything over 50 is acceptable, I’m looking to get you to an optimum level of 100 nmol/L or above.


🌿Book online (zoom & in person available) if you would like a naturopathic appointment to take a deep dive into your health.


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