Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)

Euphrasia officinalis or Eyebright 👁🌿✨

I thought I’d share some insight into this beautiful gentle herb with an affinity for the upper respiratory system and, as the name suggests, the eyes.
Eyebright is fantastic in allergic condition with itchy watery eyes and lots of sneezing.
🤧 It acts as an anti-catarrhal to reduce “snotty situations” as well as an astringent, topical anti-inflammatory and mucous membrane tonic to really support healing the sinus and nasal passages when the common cold or sinusitis strikes.

🧡This application also really showcases the way herbal medicine has such a broad variety of applications.

👁Here I’m making a simple eye bath for a client with irritated, dry eyes to support healthy conjunctiva.

👁For this client we wanted to start right away so I blended 5 drops with 30mL of freshly boiled (cooled to room temp) water.

👁For taking home, we blended a larger batch: 5ml of liquid herbal extract into 70mL of water (or saline)

👁Place in an eye bath vessel like the one in my photo or use a shot glass if you have one.

👁This formula can be refrigerated for the next day but should be used promptly to avoid microbial growth.

👁Works wonderfully if eyes are strained from long hours at a computer or in allergenic conditions.